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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Melbourne

What to Expect

Our dentists will be able to assess you to see if we can assist with your wisdom teeth removal – if it’s advised for your case. We usually require an OPG x-ray – which can be arranged on the day of your consultation with us (and the x-ray cost is bulk billed to Medicare for you).

We can then give you a quotation (including the specially lower negotiated fees for some health funds). If your case is complex, because of a rotated, inverted tooth – or if it is entangled with the nerves in the area, we can arrange for a Specialist Oral Surgeon consultation – for extraction in the chair, or under general anaesthetic in hospital if required.


Our dentists will always consider your safety and wellbeing when looking at your wisdom teeth – and if we can help you with extracting your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are also called third molars (or 8’s).

Some people even have been known to have an extra set of wisdom teeth (or 9’s) either on just the upper jaw, or on both… it’s rare, but we’ve seen quite a number of people with this condition and always offer our expertise in assisting with your wisdom teeth removal.


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