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Dental Veneers in Melbourne

Don't we all love to go on holidays, attend parties, weddings and pose for Instagram posts, so it seems to always be that time of the year when we smile and smile, and well… smile some more! But with broken, stained, or gapped teeth, these factors can sometimes affect our confidence when smiling. That's why at Hampstead Dental, we have a team of dental professionals who help design high-quality dental veneers that can help you smile confidently again.

Needless to say, your teeth play an integral part in making or breaking a beautiful smile. Veneers can give you that control to design what your new smile will look like. Before you go ahead with them, here is everything you need to know about veneers:

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are ultra-thin laminates that are placed on the front, visible portions of teeth to conceal any imperfections. This form of dental restoration can help people who are concerned about stained, chipped, uneven, or gapped teeth. Dental veneers are tooth-coloured, thus helping to improve aesthetics while also protecting the weakened tooth structure.

Not only do dental veneers help masterfully mask dental flaws but can be also completely customized to fit your unique needs. This means that the shape, size, colour, and even the texture of your veneers can be altered to perfectly match your natural set of pearly whites.

Types of Dental Veneers

When you see a photo of your favourite celebrity smiling confidently with their flawless teeth, you may wonder if they simply got lucky with their smile. However, the truth is that they just have an incredibly good dentist! If you’re keen on elevating your smile with dental veneers, our world-class dentists can help, by personalizing a treatment plan dedicated to crafting your perfect smile. This means that depending on your needs, we offer dental veneers that are fabricated from different materials, namely:

    • Porcelain veneers: Made of high-strength porcelain, these veneers require the contouring of teeth to make them aesthetically superior before gluing them onto the teeth. They are also  stain resistant which makes them an excellent first choice.
    • Resin composite veneers: These dental veneers can be fabricated and inserted in a single sitting. They are tooth-coloured, making them brilliant and cost-effective veneer options if you’re looking to upgrading your smile.

Who can get Dental Veneers?

Most people are eligible for dental veneers. If you're wanting to change the shape, position or size of your teeth, dental veneers are a great option for you. Veneers can also permanently improve the colour of your teeth, if you’re after a whiter brighter smile!

We always start with a dental assessment and consultation first, to ensure your suitability for the treatment. During this complimentary cosmetic consultation our dentists will perform a comprehensive examination with x-rays to assess your overall oral health. We prioritise the health of your teeth first to make sure you have a strong and healthy foundation in which to place dental veneers.

Common reasons people choose Dental Veneers

Veneers can be used for a wide array of dental concerns such as:

  • To improve discolorations caused by medications (like tetracycline), fluorosis, smoking, or age-related teeth darkening.
  • To repair chipped or fractured teeth.
  • To close uneven gaps in between teeth.
  • To lengthen front teeth in cases of an uneven smile.
  • To accentuate your smile and improve smile with aesthetics.

What is the Procedure like for getting Dental veneers?

Composite resin veneers are generally completed in one visit whilst, porcelain veneers usually take two or more appointments

In general, most veneers are completed within one to three visits that look like this:

  • Appointment 1: Initial consultation
    The process will begin with a face-to-face consultation where the dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth. Any x-rays, scans or moulds of the teeth that are necessary for the treatment process will be taken. The dentist will then make an informed decision on how exactly to proceed with the personalised veneer treatment plan.
  • Appointment 2: Tooth preparation
    The tooth is prepared for the veneer. This involves removing a small amount of enamel from the tooth (this will accommodate the veneer in the third appointment). Once the tooth is prepared, the dentist will take a digital 3D scan of your teeth. This scan is sent to the lab to fabricate your fully customised veneer. You’ll be sent home with a temporary veneer.
  • Appointment 3: Veneer Cementation
    When the porcelain veneers are received from the lab, the dentist proceeds to prepare the tooth by applying a gel-like substance that helps produce a rough surface for the veneer to effectively “bond” to the tooth. The Porcelain veneers are finally fixed in place and set with the help of a special light.

Why should I choose Porcelain Dental Veneers?

  • Superior aesthetics
    Dental veneers are quickly rising in popularity. One of the top reasons for this may be the incredible cosmetic repairs they offer. Dental veneers are hyper-realistic. This has a lot to do with the composition of porcelain and its optic properties that reflect light the same way natural tooth substance do. The end result – brilliant, beautiful and realistic-looking teeth!
  • Simple procedure
    When you compare dental veneers to other dental restoration techniques like crowns and implants, both of which require significant tissue preparation, dental veneers are comparatively less invasive. Your dentist removes minimal tooth matter when preparing your tooth to receive the veneer. This is followed by applying a bonding material over which the veneer is placed.
  • Immediate Results
    Veneers can correct an assortment of dental and cosmetic issues such as uneven, stained, or chipped teeth. If you take other routes of treatment for the same issues for instance Invisalign , you’ll need to wait some time before you can recognize visible changes. Veneers can show you immediate results and can be life-changing for people who are unhappy with their smiles. For most of our patients, veneers have given them the confidence to smile freely.
  • Stain-resistant
    If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you’re likely to end up with stained or dulling teeth. While teeth whitening can be of some help to brighten your teeth, you’ll most probably require numerous sessions to reach and maintain your desired white smile. Luckily, porcelain is a dental material that is comparatively more stain-resistant and so reduces the need for professional whitening sessions.
  • Durable
    Porcelain veneers have the ability to resist staining, chipping, and decay better than natural teeth. This means that with proper maintenance, a dental veneer can easily last you anywhere between 10 to 15 years.


After your assessment we may offer initial treatment first to help improve the health of your teeth and gums. Once your teeth and gums are healthy, we can begin with your veneers journey. However, we will regularly monitor your progress to ensure appropriate adjustments and professional medical advice is awarded to ensure safe and optimum results.

Upper & Lower Veneers

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Upper & Lower Veneers

Upper Veneers


Upper & Lower Veneers

Payment Plans

We offer competitive prices and highly flexible payment plans such as AfterPay, Humm and Zip Money so you can smile now but pay later! We are always transparent and make sure you have full knowledge of prices up front, so there are no surprises.


We are partners will all major health funds, such as Medibank, PeopleCare, Teachers Health, Transport Health, GMF, HIF, NIB HBF, Latrobe Health, Frank Health Insurance, GMHBA, and all other health funds that participate in HICAPS, enabling you to claim your rebate on the spot to save you time and hassle.

We are preferred providers with HCF, Medibank Private (Members Choice), which means lower prices and higher percentage rebates for you, as per the terms and conditions of your health insurance policy!
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Our dedicated front-office team can help you to understand payment plan, and your insurance claim options. We’re transparent with prices, treatment options and believe in ethical and responsible aesthetics, so there are never any surprises.

Free Veneers Consultation

We offer FREE veneers & smile makeover consultations. This cosmetic consultation entails a comprehensive examination of your smile and usually lasts 30 minutes. During your appointment, one of our experienced dentists will review your smile concerns and discuss treatment options that can help you achieve your desired result.


Are Veneers suitable for everyone?

Veneers may be an excellent treatment option for certain clinical situations. However a proper assessment by your dental practitioner is needed to assess suitability since alternate treatment options may be more suitable for your treatment

Can my Porcelain Veneers become discoloured?

You’ll find that Porcelain Veneers are resistant to staining. Just like with your regular teeth, however, tea, coffee or red wine may cause some discolouration. You’ll receive a specialised cleaning kit to make sure you can maintain the picture-perfect look of your Porcelain Veneers.

How much will they cost?

Usually veneers cost differ depending on your individual situation and how simple or complication the procedure will be. We also offer package deals if you are getting a full smile makeover. To receive an accurate quote on veneers it is best you contact the clinic and book in for a free consultation.

Do Porcelain Veneers damage my teeth?

Porcelain veneers do not damage your teeth; however, it is important to understand that sometimes a small amount of enamel needs to be shaved down in the preparation stage.

What does the veneer preparation involve?

There are two types of veneer preparation.

Minimal to no prep: little or no tooth structure is removed and the composite or porcelain veneer is placed directly on top of your existing tooth.

Prep: If you have severe crowding or misalignment of the teeth then your teeth may need to be shaved down so that your dentist can reposition them into a more ideal position. Invisalign can help solve this problem and many people opt to have their teeth realigned first to enable them to have the option of minimal to no prep veneers.

Will I still be able to eat with veneers?

Yes, however we initially recommend that you chew your food mainly on your back molars and are are careful with eating hard foods on your front teeth.

Can I choose the colour of my veneers?

Yes, you will be involved in choosing the colour and shape of your new veneers. Your dentist may help advise you but then the decision will be up to you!

Are there payment plans available?

We offer competitive prices and highly flexible payment plans so you can smile now but pay later! We are always transparent and make sure you have full knowledge of prices up front, so there are no surprises.

Do you still brush and floss veneers?

We definitely encourage you to take good care of your veneers. Brushing them twice daily with a non-abrasive toothpaste and using dental floss every night will help safeguard them against decay.

Can I smoke while having veneers?

Smoking is not recommended if you want your dental veneers to last as long as they should.


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