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Orthodontics treatment in Melbourne

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your teeth were straighter? Likely, your concerns began in childhood. You may even have a child and feel concerned about the alignment of their still-developing smile. With preventative orthodontics, your child can avoid needing costlier and more aggressive treatment in the future.

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The Benefits of Early Intervention

As early as age 7, your child can be eligible for orthodontic treatment. Doing so can prevent trauma to protruding teeth, better their oral health and supply your child with the confidence to smile freely. Orthodontic treatment most often also guide permanent teeth into position and create a positive impact on jaw development.

You may wonder which preventative measures are available for your child. What is most appropriate for your child will depend on their individual concern. For example, they may have problems with their top and bottom molars, making an appliance the most appropriate treatment option for them, worn 12-15 hours a day. If there has been a loss of a tooth early on, they may need a space maintainer in the gap to make sure that the other teeth don’t shift into the space where a permanent tooth may erupt.

Invisalign or braces? - which is right for me?

Your dentist will assess your case to see whether Invisalign or traditional braces are a suitable option for you. There are some instances, where patients with severe crowding are even required interdisciplinary treatments in which Invisalign is used in combination with other teeth straightening techniques. Book your free Invisalign consultation to find what treatment option is best for you.


At Hampstead Dental, we believe in ethical and responsible caregiving. We assess your smile and oral health first. As your braces journey begins, we will regularly monitor your progress to ensure appropriate adjustments and professional medical advice is awarded to ensure safe and optimum results. At Hampstead Dental, we are with patients from start to finish, offering supporting all throughout your treatment journey.



Most braces cases fall into 3 different price ranges, listed below.

Payment Plans

We offer competitive prices and highly flexible payment plans such as AfterPay, Humm and Zip Money so you can smile now but pay later! We believe in being fully transparent with you about pricing and make sure you have full knowledge so you have the liberty to choose, no fuss.


Upfront Price:
If you choose to pay for your orthodontic treatment in full before your treatment begins, this can help you save a substantial amount. No extra fee needs to be paid by Visa / Mastercard / Amex and we give you receipts to claim from your fund.

Want to learn how orthodontics work? Check out this video to learn more.


We are partners will all major health funds, such as Medibank, PeopleCare, Teachers Health, Transport Health, GMF, HIF, NIB HBF, Latrobe Health, Frank Health Insurance, GMHBA, and all other health funds that participate in HICAPS, enabling you to claim your rebate on the spot to save you time and hassle.

We are preferred providers with HCF, Medibank Private (Members Choice), which means lower prices and higher percentage rebates for you, as per the terms and conditions of your health insurance policy!

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Our dedicated front-office team can help you to understand payment plan, and your insurance claim options. We’re transparent with prices, treatment options and believe in ethical and responsible aesthetics, so there are never any surprises.

Orthodontics are commonly associated with teenagers or younger adults, however now, increasingly, even adults are opting to have their teeth straightened later in life. With options such as Invisalign®, it’s easier than ever to align your smile. Learn more about Invisalign and how you could achieve a straighter smile with these clear aligners.

COMPLIMENTARY Orhtodontic/Invisalign

No matter the procedure, we always start with a consultation. This is to ensure your suitability for orthodontic treatment and to understand what option best suits your needs and circumstances. Don’t be surprised if you are recommended Invisalign over traditional braces or vice versa because each case is different. We’ll be able to suggest your treatment plan after we’ve assessed your smile in person. Book in your free consultation and smile your way to straighter teeth!

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